Oshkosh Corporation approached VSA Partners with the project to redesign the HR Portal, which should become a driver of employee experience. The current design at the moment was outdated and not efficient.
• Vehicle to drive employees to HR information
• Needs to seem seamless with Workday
• Landing page where employees go first, front end layer that routes them to Workday information or to a vendor, etc.  
• Employees will access via computer or mobile, and production employees (approx 80%) will have access to a kiosk
My role on this projects was to create multiple concepts following current brand design system, yet offering fresh ideas and changes. I was also responsible for the final deliverable file – a design system for the portal, that was flexible in some ways (e.g. colors, illustration, iconography) considering future changes in branding.

Considering the ServiceNow template and requirements (though we had permission to push their boundaries), and the Oshkosh brand system (knowing that it’s soon to evolve), I explored a range of design options to consider. The client was giving their feedback every week or two, and I was adjusting the concept based on their employees' needs.

• The layout of an updated HR portal (some photos and icons are For Placement Only)
• The design system for the portal (color scheme, grid, typography)
• Mobile layout example
Specifications/Design System
Initial State
Process: Concepts
Process: Sketches

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