This project is very personal to me. I am afraid of flying and everything that has something to do with planes. It conveys an emotion of fear.
Acetate & Vellum Paper Textures
Pocessing-Generated Graphics
Process & Story
I conducted the research interviewing people, finding and emailing to people online (those who are and are not afraid; flight attendants; pilots; psychologists), sending a survey, reading psychological articles, blogs and social media comments about this topic, and watching documentaries and videos. I figured out that there is a lot of misunderstanding between those who have fear, and those who do not. Also, people with the phobia tend to be hesitant to talk about the issue to other people. They mostly just prefer not to fly, or take medicines that are not good for health.

After all these findings, I decided to move forward and create something that would help people to experience and imagine fear and reasons for it. I watched many videos of plane crushes both from inside and outside, which obviously hurt my mind. For those who have aviaphobia, this zine is a chance to see and understand that there are many people who have same fears, and it should make them be more open to talk about the problem and get treatment. For those who are not afraid of flying, this is an opportunity to feel and experience emotions and thoughts that some people have during and before flights.

All stories in the zine are real. All images are either typographical, or made with real photographs of crashed planes, engines, etc. 

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